Welcome into the 3D imaging imagination of your dreams !!!

This site contains my humble graphic works created through the program designs in 3 dimensions (unfortunately not open-source but great):


I've acquired a certain insurance due to technical drawing and inventing the proper use of program tools already integrated into the program.

I acquired these techniques through 3-dimensional drawings I was doing on a sheet of paper tiles, which are be accurate (calculates 3D coordinates of paper on the floor tile) for most and who helped me a lot to take in hand the software.

May have to create stunning animations with the program and there are plug-in (free or paid) for multiple effects - among others - a dedicated animation provided for this purpose: suanimate.


And many others: here is an list of sketchup plug-ins.


Also may have to export the file to multiple formats including *.xml to load it into a rendering program: Kerkythea.


There is another format (*. obj) which is a format for integrating 3D drawings in programs such as video games.

mrcyberfighter sketchup avatar.

About me: I am mentally handicapped, I've got passion for computers which is beyond the scope of drawings 3D.

I have learn autodidactly following programming languages:

  • Python.
  • C ANSII.

I also have autodidactly acquired knowledge in the following languages and domains:

  • Bash (Bourne Again Shell).
  • Arduino.
  • HTML (This is not a programming language course.).
  • Javascript.
  • CSS (This is not a programming language course.)
  • SQL.
  • Configuring apache servers.
  • Linux system administration.

I have got a website where you can freely download my humble creations: cyber-sanktuary.fr

Credits: Thank's a lot to my mother, my family and the doctors.

    Keep away from drugs ...

    Drugs destroy your brain and maybe your life...

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